Airfix A08109 Canadair Sabre F.4 1:48 Scale Due Mar-21

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With its P-51 Mustang being widely regarded as the best single engined fighter of WWII, it was not long before the designers at North American aviation applied their undoubted talents to producing a new jet powered fighter, one which would incorporate research material obtained from the German jet programme. In their quest for ever greater speed, the new aircraft featured a 35% wing sweep and beautifully streamlined fuselage, whilst retaining the exceptional pilot visibility first introduced on the ‘D’ variant of the Mustang.

With three nose mounted .50 calibre machine guns on either side of the fuselage, the new Sabre shared much with the attributes of its piston engined predecessor, beautiful to look at, but a deadly fighting aeroplane. The first flight of the XP-86 prototype took place on 1st October 1947, in the hands of famous WWII Pearl Harbor Curtiss P-40 fighter ace George Welsh, who was North American’s chief test pilot at that time. Later in the development programme, an F-86A Sabre would go on to set a new world airspeed record of 670.84 mph, underlining the credentials of this important new fighter. On entering USAF service in 1949, the North American F-86 Sabre was not only America’s first swept wing fighter, but also the fastest fighter in the world and one of the most important aircraft in the post war jet era.

Dimensions 22.9 x 8.88 x 22.9
Scale 1:48
Skill 3
Flying Hours 3
Dimensions (mm) L229 x W229
Age Suitability 8+

Airfix A08109 Canadair Sabre F.4 1:48 Scale

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